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Beth Andrews
 I create two dimensional fiber art using cotton fabrics that have been stitched, collaged, fused, free-motion quilted and beaded. These...
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576 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN

Open daily, Nov - Apr: 10am - 6pm; May - Oct:  10am - 7pm; all Sundays:  10am - 6pm

Arrowcraft will be closed for inventory January 6, 7, and 8, 2015.

(865) 436-4604

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One of the five shops of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, Arrowcraft offers an unparalled craft experience through shopping and on-site craft demonstrations.

Arrowcraft Shop was founded in 1926 by Pi Beta Phi, the nation's oldest college women's fraternity. The Guild, Arrowmont School and Arrowcraft Shop have a joint history, which goes back to 1930, when Arrowmont joined with several other craft cooperatives to form the Southern Highland Craft Guild.

Arrowcraft Shop helped mountain families in this remote region gain independence by providing them with a source of income from the sale of their handiwork. Today, known simply as Arrowcraft, it is the oldest gift shop in Gatlinburg, TN. As one of the Southern Highland Craft Guild shops, it continues the tradition of presenting fine regional crafts. This historic shop sells the best crafts from a nine-state region - weaving, basketry, pottery, woodcarving, glass, and toys - ensuring that these skills passed from hand to hand for generations will be preserved for the future.

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2014 Demonstrations:

November 29 - 30 - Lin Oglesby - Fiber Artist

Holiday Marketplace, Dec. 5 - 16

December 5 - Charlie Patricolo - Doll Maker

December 5 - 6 - Shereen Franklin - Fiber Artist

December 8 - 9 - Ed Lampert - Wood Carver

December 10 - 11 - Mack Hicky - Raku Masks

December 10 - 11, 15 - Jim Gentry - Macrame, Knotting

December 13 - Kathy Seely - Beadweaving

December 12 - 14 - Andrea Wilson - Print Maker

December 15 - 16 - Mack Hickey - Raku Masks

Fifteenth Annual Jewelry Focus Throughout December

Choose from our fine selectionof premier jewelry designs from artists of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.



Fine crafts in Gatlinburg

Fine crafts in Gatlinburg

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