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Cathryn "Cat" Francis
I have been making jewelry for over twenty years.  I began working in sterling silver.  When I was working on...
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Elizabeth Ann Garlington

As the first-born child of a very Southern, old Atlanta family, Elizabeth Garlington grew up surrounded by artists in a home filled with all forms of creative activity.   “The house I lived in was filled with hand puppets with exquisite renaissance faces, photographs of stark reality and true meaning, classical music at full pitch, reams of paper everywhere full of fine drawings, sculptures on turntables covered with damp rags to keep them moist, malleable buckets of dank smelling clay, and paintings on easels,” recounts Garlington, who claims that artistic talent is in her blood, inherited from her mother and grandmothers.   After receiving a B.S.Ed. in Art Education from The University of Georgia, Garlington completed graduate studies in 1982 at Georgia State University with an M.Ed. in Rehabilitation Counseling.  After completing her clinical licensure, she worked in the human services and visual arts/special education professions.  Garlington continued her education at Vanderbilt Divinity School.  She has been implementing community visual arts initiatives since 1985 as a visual arts educator, expressive arts therapist, and as a fiber artist.  
Ms. Garlington is a Regional Artist Project Grants Recipient from the North Carolina Arts Council.

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