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Jon Ellenbogen & Rebecca Plummer / Barking Spider Pottery
Rebecca Plummer and Jon Ellenbogen have operated the Barking Spider Pottery for over 30 years. Their passive solar home and...
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Ruthie Cohen

       Artists’ designs evolve in different ways. Some craftspeople look at images for ideas; others will sketch out designs before they start creating. Living in the mountains of western North Carolina has given me the opportunity to periodically get lost in the ripples and folds of the topography of the region. Cruising by car along the Blue Ridge Parkway or following the twists and turns of the “road less traveled by” always gives me an unexpected thrill of discovery as I take long walks along rivers and streams and just absorb different vignettes. After these little trips, I very often just sit at my bench daydreaming into space. Certain images seem to resonate in my head and then show up magically in the jewelry that I create.

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