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Pat Buhrke / Laurel Werks
Handcrafting fine rustic furnishings from materials indigenous to Western North Carolina since 1998. I offer a broad range of furnishings...

Weaverville, NC

Jody Ochs

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Jody Ochs Design

Media: Jewelry

Jody Ochs offers original hand crafted sculptural jewelry. The pieces are hand fabricated in sterling silver, or steel with gold accents and semi-precious gems, often incorporating freshwater pearls and gemstones.

Light plays between matte and glossy surfaces, dancing across the gems, enticing the eye, and invigorating the soul. The pairing of the masculine and feminine forms or textures presents a delicate balance of yin and yang. Each piece retains its own energy, power, and serenity. Jody draws her inspiration from the Nature that surrounds her in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. This is transferred into her fluid, organic creations. Jody's latest work, "The Spiculum Series," is constructed in hand fabricated Sterling Silver "Spiculum" Form. The Spiculum form is created by forging flat sheets of sterling silver (hammering it to curl up into a hollow tube form) which is then soldered together at the seam. Many of the pieces are made with multiple Spiculum forms intersecting.