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Debbie Pierce / Chestnut Ridge Quilting
Debbie Pierce is a self-taught quilter and quilting instructor who creates traditional quilts with her own "twist." She began quilting...


2240 Fisher Place
Knoxville, TN 37920
865 230 6587

Bill Lee

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Genesis Studios

Media: Clay

Stunningly elegant bowls that seem to be wheel thrown but the overlapping seam tells otherwise. Teapots that appear as Aladin lamps. Mugs that fit the left hand.            

“I found I had a passion for creating three-dimensionally, first in wood and then stone sculpture, then later I worked as a stained glass artisan. In the eighties, I discovered clay at the ceramics program at the University of Tennessee. I spent a year taking classes, focusing on hand-building where I made sculptures and vessels, immersing myself in the world of pottery. Since 1993, I have developed a line of functional art pottery with a sculptural twist.” "All of the work is made from slabs of earthenware clay, cut and assembled into bowls, teapots, vases and even right- and left-handed mugs. And, yes, I still make one of a kind sculptures.”Genesis Studios is a Custom Made Exclusive Member


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