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Heather Allen Hietala
Heather's work is in transition from being focused on textiles for 20 years to including ceramics, wire and gut and...


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Asheville, NC 28815-9795
828 - 252 - 7756

Thomas & Patricia Bauman

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Matrix Designs

Media: Jewelry

In our Ridgelines series we use traditional jewelry making techniques to explore the timeless contours and patterns of the Appalachian Mountains.

As a true partnership we collaborate in the design and creation of our jewelry. We each bring our own unique and different skills and perspectives to our work. Our best, and most popular, pieces are the ones that we create together. In our "Ridgelines" series the artistic and technical challenges of creating three-dimensional, yet light weight, sculptural jewelry has led us to develop a fine jewelry series that echoes and explores the mountains surrounding our home in Asheville, North Carolina.