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Sue Grier / Contemporary Clay Vessels
ARTIST STATEMENT It is said that the work one makes comes out of the way one lives life. I look toward...
Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket


Spruce Pine, NC

Mary Frances Reymann

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Media: Fiber

My central focus is the manipulation of the fabric plane: removing fabric from its ordinary realm of reference as garment, covering or container into the realm of sculptural element.

One of my primary concerns is the transformation of the two-dimensional surface of the fabric plane into the actuality and/or the illusion of three dimensions. Stitched or folded lines change the viewer's perception of the fabric surface. Simple geometric forms created by line seem to alternately advance and recede. Color gradations of fabric and stitched lines of thread also enhance the movement within the form. Design inspiration is derived not only from my study of the powerful linear imagery of primitive cultures around the world but also from the breathtaking beauty found in our mountains of Western North Carolina.