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Hendersonville, NC
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Kathleen Weir-West

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Media: Fiber

Artist, Designer, Weaver

Kathleen Weir-West has been creating hand woven luxury fabrics that she fashions into fine art wearables for over 30 years.  Her highly acclaimed work has been exhibited across the country, and featured at many notable galleries. Owning a Kathleen Weir-West work of art is a statement.  It says you are a woman of refined taste, secure in yourself and comfortable with the indulgence in distinctive luxury that delights the senses and tantalizes the world.  Come... Enjoy the experience!


“My loom is similar to that of the pioneers.” says Kathleen who prefers a four harness loom (no motor driven parts) that offers her the immediacy of a simpler set-up, and allows her to “Get on and get my colors going!” Kathleen's patterns are classics.  The BROKEN TWILL, PLAIN WEAVE and ROSE PATH among others, become endlessly versatile as she blends a hand full of bright fibers with the occasional muted tone that allows the rich hues to sing.  The result is Kathleen's unique fabrics which delight the eye with their color variations, and rich textures that invite you to reach out and touch.