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Theodore Lawshe
Ted Lawshe has been making marquetry pictures since 2002. His friend and mentor, Clyde Badger, got him started and has...
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Educational Outreach




Times are changing, and fewer people are growing up around family members who make crafted items such as furniture or baskets.  Educational Outreach is a continuing program offered by Guild members to educate the next generation of crafters and collectors.  Through a program available at the Folk Art Center and through school visits, children can meet artisans and learn just what is involved in creating items and living the life of a full-time craftsperson.  Demonstrators in the lobby offer an introduction, but for a deeper look and hands-on experience, the Guild will match school groups and craftspeople for a more intimate look at what crafting is about.  How does it feel to shape clay into a simple pot?  Objects can be deceptive in their simplicity!  What is it like watch a quilt grow from geometric shapes?

Many Guild members come from a teaching background.  Some have taught at the craft schools in our area such as Penland and John C. Campbell Folk School.  The Guild helps to connect members and resources with curious students, young and old.  Please contact the librarian at the Folk Art Center to get information on a program for your group.  You can email her or call her at 828-298-7928.