Fall Colors Lamp-Worked Cheerio Glass Bead Jewelry

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Fall colors lamp-worked cheerio glass bead jewelry by Kimberly Adams. Yellow, browns and creams run through each bead complimenting the next one. The silver circular connections add an extra element to the pieces making them flow and standout.

  • Bracelet with matching earrings
  • Lamp-worked glass and Argentium silver
  • Made in GA




The intense heat of a torch flame turns solid glass rods into ever-changing molten glass, which is wound around a steel rod to create a bead that is unique in size and shape.  Color is added with small threads, twists and chips of glass.  Once cool, the beads are removed from the rod and incorporated into various designs using accent beads and argentium silver wire. Since these beads are one-of-a-kind, expect slight differences in beads and design.

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