“First Snow” Notecards


An evergreen tree in a snowy forest beautifully cover these “First Snow” notecards. They are reproductions of original silkscreens by artist Debbie Littledeer of Western North Carolina.

  • 5″ x 7″
  • Pack of 6 blank cards
  • White envelopes included
  • Made in NC

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Artist Debbie Littledeer uses screenprinting to express the beauty she sees in the mountains.  For each color in her designs, she makes a stencil by hand cutting a special film and attaching it to a fine mesh fabric stretched over a metal frame.  Alternately she can paint directly onto the mesh with screen filler, leaving open the areas through which she wants a color to be printed.   She then pushes the ink across the screen through the stencil opening and onto the paper below.  She prints one color, lets the ink dry, clean up the screen and repeat this process for each color in each design.

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