Latest Online Exhibition: In Bloom

In Bloom

Made with flowers in mind, these 8 artisans show how flowers can be incorporated into art of all forms and media.

dark teal glaze with flowers

Sue Grier

Ikebana Inspired Vases

Asheville, NC

Understanding the relationships between the floral and stem materials combined with the different types of ceramic containers and vases used to complete interesting arrangements with the right spirit of Ikebana. It was fun to learn the role of the container or vase – that of coordinating and harmonizing many different kinds of flowers and materials. At the same time, the container or vase brings a unique accent to the ikebana arrangement through color, shape and volume. Sue knew that knowledge would be exciting to use in her own work. Sue has enjoyed using glaze color choices and the varied depths of a carved surface in each vase to create unique starting points waiting for the floral materials to complete every arrangement.

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short colorful glass handmade vase with flowers

Jim Burchett

Kiln-Formed Glass

Lenoir, NC

There are many ways to incorporate flowers in this medium. In this case I am showing pieces that are just using glass frit to make a flower colorscape, the vase's are designed to complement the flowers that will be displayed in them. I also incorporate the "ghosts" of flowers by firing actual flowers onto the glass to make Fossil flowers.

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black handmade ceramic bottle vase

Diana Gillispie

Minimalist Vases

Asheville, NC

These vases are a part of a new body of work I'm exploring. Minimalistic in design, I am inspired by my appreciation for asian ceramics, primarily Japanese. The vases are wheel thrown and altered. What makes them unique is that they provide a quiet and contemporary back drop to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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orange green and white wheel thrown small low vase

Angelique Tassistro

Colorful Ceramics

Asheville, NC

I love fresh flowers and gardening so making vases happened very naturally. I used to focus on really large vases, which I do still make from time to time, but I have really been enjoying making bud vases.  Sometimes you just want to pick a few blooms from the garden.

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carved mountain vase

Julie Calhoun-Roepnack

Carved Ceramics

Asheville, NC

I am passionate about the environment and enjoy frequently using “honey bees” as subject matter for my work in an effort to promote the public’s awareness of their importance. I volunteer for “Bee City USA” an organization that promotes education for protecting the eco-system. I also use solar energy for firing my electric kiln.

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waterfall orchid vase by michael hatch of crucible glassworks

Michael Hatch

Blown Glass

Weaverville, NC

I have worked with glass for over thirty years, drawn to the process of shaping molten glass with breath, gravity, and simple tools. I rely on five thousand years of traditions, techniques and forms for inspiration. I use a variety of techniques including sculpting, blowing, cane drawing, and painting with glass enamels.

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cearmic handmade cat vase sculpture

Amy Goldstein-Rice

Sculptural Vases

Tryon, NC

Imagery of animals had its beginnings with the birth of my son (Ryan). I was immersed in the wee world of children. Interweaving folktales and animal imagery into my own myths. Just as fairy tales speak through fantastical creatures of deeper and sometime darker truths, I would use the language of whimsy to let the viewer laugh, through the tears. I like to imagine that my clay sculpture is infused with an emotional stance that has humorous edge. I wanted to keep with my sculptural style changing the rabbits and cat into a vessel that holds a flower.

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handmade ceramic vase by sarah wells rolland of village potters in asheville nc

Sarah Wells Rolland


Asheville, NC

I have been working with clay for over three decades now. I am as captivated today as I was when I discovered clay for the first time. I am passionate about pots, creativity and teaching the next generation of potters. Form is what drives my creative process. I focus on the beauty of the line and volume of form and strive for surfaces that keep the form the main thing. Making pots for others to love and enjoy has been and continues to be close to my heart as I create.

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