Erica Rollings



BOOTH # 110


I'm a new member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and am excited about the opportunities it offers. I've never really marketed my work. For me, creating is a drive on auto-pilot, and selling, or even just displaying, the mass of work I've produced, gets shuffled aside in favor of exploring a new idea. The craft guild provides that needed impetus to share work. It is a hugely supportive environment for craft artists.
Let's see now.. where I'm from: I'm an Air Force Brat. Nuff said? Moved last year to Blairsville, Georgia, having found a cabin on a river in the mountains. Perfection.
What I do: stained glass panels. I am self-taught. The most common comment I get when introducing my work is "I've never seen anything like that". This could be good, or bad, but I like to think it's good.
I usually work in a series and am hoping to finish my current series of Celtic Knots for the summer Craft Fair. In addition to these smaller panels, I will probably bring a series of huge panels I made during the covid hideaway, depicting Topographic Maps, as well as some more small-to-midsize panels.

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