Special Thanks To Craft Fair Supporters


Thanks to Cafe Azalea

For the past few weeks we have been busy promoting the Craft Fair by distributing posters all across Asheville. We are grateful for the kindness and support that so many businesses have shown by letting us display a poster in their window or on a bulletin board. The pictures above are of Cafe Azalea on Tunnel Rd. You will find the posters in bookstores, cafes, galleries, movie theaters, markets, salons, libraries, bead stores, yarn and fabric shops, studios, pubs, ice cream shops and boutiques.


We would also like to thank the many Craft Fair exhibitors who passed out posters in their own communities to get the word out about the show. With a few days to go before the Craft Fair if you know of a place we should send a poster let us know - if we don't make it this summer we definitely will for the October Fair.


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