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glass heart paperweights

Glass Heart Paperweights

Cheryl Stippich creates these pieces which she calls "jewelry for your windows."  They are made with a bevel, glass nuggets, wire overlays and metal came accents.

“Zen” Stained Glass Suncatcher

unique window stained glass

“Shield” Stained Glass Suncatcher with Geode

blue geode suncatcher, unique stained glass window art

Geode Stained Glass Suncatcher

Green stained glass shield. Cheryl Stippich creates these beautiful pieces centered around a polished geode slice from Brazil. The two outer halves of the elongated shield are met in the middle by a collection of glass nuggets, an antique jewel, etched glass, and decorative soldering.

Geode Stained Glass Suncatcher

purple flower glass spoon rest, kitchen handmade decor

Glass Flower Spoon Rests

mountain kitchen decor

Glass Mountain Spoon Rest


Screen Bugs – Screen Door/Window Savers