Cherry Blossom Pink Vase


Thrown and carved pink ceramic vase with feet by North Carolina clay artist, Sue Grier.

  • 8 1/2″tall x 5″wide
  • Made in NC

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About 10 years ago, Sue attended an Ikebana International Chapter meeting at the Folk Art Center in Asheville, NC. Her assumption that making ceramic containers and vases for ikebana was ‘simple’ has been gradually dispelled as she came to understand the nuances of what an floral container could embrace – that of understanding the relationships between the floral and stem materials combined with the different types of ceramic containers and vases. It was fun to learn the role of the container or vase – that of coordinating and harmonizing many different kinds of flowers and materials. At the same time, the container or vase brings a unique accent to an arrangement through color, shape and volume. Sue knew that knowledge would be exciting to use in her own work. In this series of carved vases seen in the SHCG Online Spotlight Exhibition, Sue has enjoyed using glaze color choices and the varied depths of a carved surface in each vase to create unique starting points waiting for the floral materials to complete every arrangement.