Sunflower Bud Vase


Wheel thrown bud vase with a hand carved sunflower and carved neck.

  • 4″tall x 4″wide
  • Made in NC


“The wide variety of colors and textures exhibited by nature through the seasons has always fascinated me. This appreciation for variety has made its way into the narrative pottery I produce today. Frequently while hiking with my dog Brittany, we experience breath taking views that are just begging to be shared in my art.

Over the years, I have developed a strong interest in Classic Arts and Crafts furniture and pottery. After collecting a few pieces, I started designing specific pieces of pottery to compliment my furniture. My intention is to create new designs that reflect the warm-toasty feeling achieved from the arts and crafts period. Incorporating matte, earth tones with colored glazes and innovative techniques using sgraffito, carving, and hand-made impressions characterize my signature works. Although finely detailed, my pottery is very durable, with its peak firing temperature reaching over 2100 degrees.”

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