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Short Fancy Cobweb Broom

beeswax pine cone candle

Pinecone Beeswax Candle


Wild Meadow Beeswax Pillar Candle


Beeswax Taper Candles


Bee Glow Beeswax Ornaments

Colorful corn shuck Kitchen Witch - "I'm a worker of magic, riding my broom; I'm a Kitchen Witch, tending love to this room.  I exorcise all demons; pots boiling over, stew turning black, unsavory dinners, coffee muddy black... faithlessness is a thing of the past, I'm a Kitchen Witch and make good luck last!"

Corn Shuck Kitchen Witch

Corn shuck Woman and Girl - "Whether they are mother and daughter, auntie and niece, grandmother and granddaughter, friends, or you and your inner child, these feminine souls walk and dance together to their own tune!"

Corn Shuck Woman and Girl

white corn shuck angel doll, traditional appalachian christmas

Natural Corn Shuck Angel

handcrafted holiday decor

Father Christmas Corn Shuck Doll

heritage gather corn shuck doll

Gatherer Heritage Woman – Corn Husk Doll

quilter corn shuck doll, traditional crafts, mountain heritage crafts

Quilter Corn Shuck Doll

black and white small handheld broom

Hawks Tail Broom


Pot Scrubber

handmade turkey wing handheld broom with braided handle

Plaited Turkey Wing Broom

small handheld wisk broom in red, green and natural

Small Hawks Tail Broom

handmade cake tester made with straw, by peter werner, straw tied together

Corn Cake Tester