Wagner Upcycled Cork Wallet


Keep all your essentials organized with a Wagner Upcycled Cork Wallet. Each wallet is pieced cork fabric with a vinyl bottom, strap, and multiple interior pockets. Wallet opens and closes with a secure and durable clasp. The interior opens up to multiple main open pockets, a zipper pocket, slots, card holders and a hidden message. The wrist strap is made of vinyl and is removable. Care instructions – simply wipe with mild solution of dish soap and water.

  • Approximately 8″long x 3″wide
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Durable upcycled cork with vinyl accents
  • Machine and handstitched
  • Made in NC

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Ashley is a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate with a BFA in fiber and textile design, 2009. From there she went on to be an assistant for an Asheville based clothing designer for 6 years. Next, she spent 3 years learning how to make awnings for another Asheville based company. Cole Klutch slowly came to life in 2018 the same year their son, Cole was born. Now, she is making Cole Klutch fulltime out of her home. All bags and wallets are made out of upcycled cork with vinyl accents.