Flower Notecards


Beautiful and realistic collection of 10 different flower images on blank note cards with 10 white envelopes by artist John Furches of NC.

  • Envelopes included
  • Cardinal Flower, Forget me Not, Iris, Lily of the Valley, Painted Trillium, Pink Lady Slipper, Poppy, Red Trillium, Wild Violet, and Wood Lily
  • Made in NC

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John Furches is best known for his ability to depict the relationships of color and nature in rural landscapes and nostalgic still life’s. His choice of the watercolor medium is especially effective in showing the delicate balance of light, color, and texture in each of his paintings. The element of emotion is also an integral tool for John’s realistic style, as he feels the artist becomes an imperfect camera without definite feelings about the image he is portraying.

He enjoys to paint the things around him–found objects, antiques, architectural subjects, and landscapes. Anything and everything he sees has a chance of ending up in one of his works. Whenever possible, he likes to work from life because you form a visual and physical bond with the subject. However, it is not always possible or even practical to work on location, especially when dealing with landscapes. In that case, he normally takes photographs, makes sketches, and colors notes. Then goes back to the studio where he can control all the elements.

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