Sun-Painted Table Runners


Colorful sun-painted table runners. Each table runner is one-of-a-kind because of the placement of leaves and paint. This bright and fun table runner will definitely give your kitchen or dining room table the pop of color it needs!

  • Approximately 72″long x 13″wide
  • Painted cotton
  • Found leaves
  • Machine sewn
  • Care: swish in tepid water w minimum detergent, rinse, dry flat. As in, wrap in towel to absorb extra water, flip over shower rod to dry, or outside. Color (b/cause set in full spectrum light) won’t fade if exposed to sun (as in thru glass door or outside on table). Colors don’t fade after many washing. Iron.
  • Made in NC


“I start w/ cotton, and for this sunpaint process to work best, the higher the thread count, the smoother, the more precise images can
develop. Also, the hotter and drier and clearer the atmosphere is, the better. This is an outdoor process as the paint (phototropic/sunprint/transparent) is permanent. Cut fabric to size (14×72 about and remove selvedges). Wet fabric w water. Mix paint w water, about 50/50. Apply paint to wet fabric, immediately place leaves, etc., anything FLAT on top of paint. Move to full sun. Let dry and remove objects. Repeat whole process with another color and set of leaves etc. Rinse (in case there’s some paint
runoff and/or bits of stuck leaves). Iron. Usually I do 4-5 layers of colors, and yes, it sure takes time. Truthfully, about 2/3 of the time involved is in picking up leaves, slotting them in a press (or heavy book), and doing something with them when they are dried up after sitting in paint + sun for 30 minutes. Some I can re-use, like ferns. The joy in this whole activity is working outside, gorgeous colors, novelty!! (each layer is new and different), and the surprise at seeing the last layer and how that changes everything. And leaves from Nature are beautiful all by themselves.”

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