Beeswax Tealights


Tealights made with the finest beeswax, which burns clean and long, about 5 hours, producing a sweet honey aroma. Beeswax, a renewable natural resource, is healthy to burn in our homes and environmentally friendly to produce. Clear polycarbonate cups, which are non-toxic and recyclable, and self trimming wicks made of braided natural fibers.
  • 2 sizes available
  • Made in NC


Over time, a white film, called bloom may appear on the surface. This is normal and occurs to all pure beeswax. This is caused because some of the components of the beeswax migrate to the surface. Bloom can be easily removed by wiping the candle with a soft cloth, applying gentle heat with a hair dryer, or placing the candle in warm sunlight. Even though the bloom is easily removable, many people actually desire this effect as it tends to give the beeswax candle a unique and rustic look and feel.

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