Platters & Trays

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Large Ceramic Rectangular Platter

Green oval tray with brown design around rim, handmade pottery tray, nc potter, weaverville potter,

Long Ceramic Bread Platter

handmade ceramic sushi set in red brown glaze, 5 piece sushi set, north carolina pottery

Ceramic Sushi Set

tray with dip dish, ceramic slab built platter with small dish, handmade serving pieces,

Boat Tray with Dish

wooden shaker style oval tray

Shaker Cherry Oval Trays

center piece, pottery serving bowl, unique serving bowl, handmade bucket

Shallow Ceramic Serving Bucket


Dinner Plate

large square wooden serving platter with dipping dish, bread and oil, olive oil servings tray, asheville house warming gift, new home, wedding gift,

Square Breadboard with Dip Bowl

small diamond cutting board

Diamond-Shaped Small Board