Tiny Silver Tree of Life Necklace


This beautiful fine silver tiny tree of life pendant is a representation of an oak tree at Amy’s home and has been individually hand crafted.

Artist Amy Brandenburg creates each piece using PMC (Precious Metal Clay). PMC is her material of choice because it starts out as clay which allows her to use techniques like slab construction and carving. After firing the pieces in a kiln, she then uses traditional metal techniques like hammering and soldering.

  • Pendant is approximately 1/2″wide
  • 18″ sterling silver chain
  • Made in NC

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Your core beliefs at the roots, your mind and body as the trunk and your wisdom as the leaves.

“This representation of an oak tree reminds me of my home and our many oak trees. Each morning I look out my kitchen window and I am greeted by the graceful majesty of the oak across the way.”


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