Blue Upcycled Birdhouse


Blue birdhouse made with old oak lumber, barn tin and mountain laurel.  This birdhouse is most likely to attract Carolina Wrens.  It should be placed 5′-10′ high in woodland clearing in backyards.

  • 12″tall x 12 1/2″wide x 7″ 1/2deep
  • Made in NC

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“I was inspired by crafts I saw in galleries and thought that the experience I had using natural materials as well as recycled ones might lead to some interesting creations. After reading a number of books on birdhouse construction, I began moving my designs away from the predictable and into more creative and individual pieces.

The wood I find provides the basis for the products I create. My goal is to produce pieces which possess rustic beauty and functionality, while in the process giving new life to old, unusual, or discarded materials.”


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