Wood Turned Hummingbird House


Turned wooden hummingbird house.  Woodworker Ray Huskey creates these one of a kind pieces. You’re sure to receive a beautiful home for your hummingbirds to nest in, year after year.

  • 4.5″tall x 2″wide
  • 1.75″ opening
  • Made in TN

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Instructions: Hang under the eave or overhand out of wind, rain and predatory birds or insects.  Leave dryer lint or pet hair on the ground.  Hang in early spring when you hang your feeders.  Males come early to “stake” their area and will attract up to 25 females!  There is no guarantee they will use the house, just like other birdhouses, but if they do build a nest, hatchlings will return the next year.  Nests are the size of a penny, the eggs the size of a Tic Tac.  Clean the house with an old bottle brush in late fall and bring inside.  Hang plants that attract hummingbirds.

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