Framed Felted Ram


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This ram is not painted, it is created with different colors of wool fibers.  It is needle felted onto a prefelt background which serves as a “canvas” for the scene.  Needle Felting is a dry felting technique using wool roving and needles which have tiny barbs to push the fiber in place. When artist Lorraine Cathey is happy with the needle felted image, she wets the felt piece with warm soapy water and agitates it.  Agitation is accomplished by placing the piece on bubble wrap and rolling up around a piece of PVC pipe and rolling about 500 times. This merges all the fibers tightly and forms one solid piece of felt.   Throughout this process, it will shrink approximately 20%.  After it is rinsed and laid flat to dry, the piece is steam ironed and occasionally free motion stitching is done to accentuate some areas.

  • Framed 10″ x 10″ x 2″
  • Each portrait is named by the artist
  • Made in NC

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